Meet Charles “NOOK Turner” Byrd

Hey Readers! Today I have a special artist interview/Q&A for you all. The artist I am introducing to some and presenting to others is none other than Austin’s own NOOK! The Q & A is short but sweet, and speak volumes. Nook is definitely someone that I look up to, and a great person to follow. I look forward to more for him in the future. I remember the day’s back when Nook was doing “Jump on it”! Memories and good times I will never forget.

TLT: How did you get your start in the industry as a rapper?
Nook: I actually got my start by promising my cousin that I would write a rap for her wedding when I was 8 years old. My mom made me stick to it and she helped me write it and taught me how to say it. We were really struggling at the time and this gift was a blessing because we had no other means of supplying one. I realized how people paid attention to me at the wedding when I performed and I fell in love with the fact that I could finally express the way I felt to my family and friends about the many situations that was bothering me at the time. Drugs were taking a toll on my family and I felt the need to let them know how I wanted them to find a way out of that life. They wouldn’t listen to me tell them that but when I rapped it they felt me! I began performing throughout the city at youth functions, churches and schools. It spread to me touring with McGruff the Crime Dog and doing huge events with national coverage. That was my beginning in the music industry

TLT: Why the name Nook?Does it have a specific meaning?
Nook: My name NOOK stands for Never Outcasting Our Kind. In one word it means “unity”.

TLT: Who and or what are your influences for your music?
Nook: I was greatly influenced by 2 Pac and Goodie Mob amongst others. My greatest cultural influences are MLK, the late great Dorothy Turner and my mother!

TLT: Describe yourself in three words?
Nook: NOOK in three words- real, giving & passionate.

TLT: Finish the sentence, when I am on stage I…
Nook: When I am on stage…I am in a world where me and the audience become 1 and the music is a time machine taking us on a journey.